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BeginsMarch 11, 1995 (1995-03-11)
EndsJune 18, 1996 (1996-06-18)
VenueBlue Note
Location(s)1 Hoxton Square, London, N1

Dusted was a club night ran from Blue Note (previously known as the Bass Clef), hosted by James Lavelle. It was held monthly from March 11 1995 until June 8 1996. In July 1996 it was relaunched as Dusted 2 and continued until April 1997.


  • 11 Mar 1995 - James Lavelle, Attica Blues, Patterson
  • ? Apr 1995
  • 6 May 1995
  • 8 Jun 1995 - James Lavelle, Dego, D'Afro, Aura
  • 1 Jul 1995 - James Lavelle, Attica Blues, Patterson
  • 29 Jul 1995[1] - James Lavelle, Attica Blues, Underdog
  • 26 Aug 1995[2]
  • 23 Sep 1995 - launch party for DJ Krush's Meiso album. - DJ Krush, James Lavelle, Peshay, Charlie Williams
  • 21 Oct 1995[3][4] - James Lavelle, Psychonauts, Krust, Charlie Willieams
  • 18 Nov 1995
  • 16 Dec 1995 - Attica Blues, Underdog, Fraser Cooke, James Lavelle
  • 13 Jan 1996
  • 10 Feb 1996 - James Lavelle, D'Afro, Will Bankhead, DJ Aura, The Psychonauts
  • 9 Mar 1996 - James Lavelle, DJ Peshay, The Underdog, D'Afro
  • 13 Apr 1996
  • 11 May 1996[5]
  • 18 Jun 1996[6]


Several dates are missing, but is presumed that Dusted was monthly throughout 1995.


Review of 13 Jan 1996 Dusted by David Bancroft[7]

Had an excellent might at the Blue Note near Old Street, London on saturday. Mo'Wax do a monthly party there with James Lavelle etc on the decks. Small place, absolutely packed out with people dancing everywhere. Arrived at about 11pm and there was a small queue, got inside within 5 minutes - 8 quid. Nice small bar upstairs with Acid Jazz type stuff playing. Drinks were cheap for a club - 2 quid pint of Kronenburg/Miller. This place seemed to be more of a drinking place than certain clubs ;^) but not in the pissed-up, beer-boy way - probably just an older crowd who have decided to move away from certain "refreshments" either temporarily or not. Anyway, nice party atmosphere but no hugging or gurning going on. Downstairs in the main room, some cool hip-hop playing. This seemed to go on for about an hour followed by some absolutely classic house and techno all mixed up - LFO, Rhythim is Rhythim - all the old faves. This then seemed to all mix seemlessly into some wigged-out new shit - trip-hop, whatever you want to call it - probably Mo'Wax stuff, but I'm no expert, as James Lavelle was on the decks with a good MC to boot (I don't usually like MC-ing). This agin seemed to mix smoothly into loads of wickedly jazzy Drum'n'Bass for the last 2 hours - finished at 5am. Being pretty dissappointed recently with new house and techno stuff basically not moving forwards - this was refreshing and new. It's nice to be excited about music again.

General Review of Dusted by Ed Freed[8]

James Lavelle has been hosting a Mo Wax nite up at the blue note (used to be the Bass Clef) in Hoxton, every other saturday... It's pretty good, cept my main complaint is that people tend to stand around noddin' head - and trying to clock what the DJ is playing rather than dancing and getting involved to the tunes........

Review in November 1995 issue of Muzik[9]

I've never written to a magazine to complain about a club, but I just had to put pen to paper. The club in question is Dusted, a night put on by Mo' Wax at The Blue Note in London. The £8 admission seemed fair, considering the DJ line-up which included Attica Blues and J Saul Kane from Depth Charge.

The club was packed and rocking until Attica Blues came on. The first half-hour consisted of old skool hip hop, which went down a storm, so the guys decided to play about an hour’s worth, resulting in a drift away to the bar upstairs. Thinking that Depth Charge would soon be on, we stayed downstairs. But the next few hours will go down in my clubbing history (which began in 1 988 with Special Branch) as the worst DJing I’ve heard. Not one new tune and the safest funk selection I’ve experienced. All good records, but one safe record after another for two hours. . . Don’t fucking insult our intelligence!

The boys then decided to take an adventure into house with another back-to-1 989 slot (Rhythim Is Rhythim, 808 State. . . Yawn, yawn). The night was briefly illuminated when they attempted to mix Ruffneck into KenLou’s “Moonshine" and, by this stage, you had to laugh. If a mix that bad had been attempted at any half-decent house club, the DJ would have been booed off. We couldn’t even drown our sorrows, as the club (sponsored by Miller Lite) ran out of beer two hours before the end.

We had now been at The Blue Note for nearly four hours and, with the exception of Ruffneck, we hadn’t heard one new record. The early buzz had gone and, when I asked when J Saul Kane was playing, I was informed that he was “ill".

This isn’t good enough. Mo’ Wax are just using the hip factor of their record label to promote what was basically a load of shite. I went there with expectations of hearing tunes by people like Ceasefire, Sam Sever and The Ballistic Brothers, only to be served up a “Best Of The Seventies Funk" compilation.

Promoters shouldn't be getting away with nights like this. None of our friends will be giving money to fucking Mo’ Wax again. People like Attica Blues should stay in the studio where they belong and stop taking the piss out of punters like us.


Attica Blues declined to use this space to reply, preferring to answer in person. James Lavelle is currently out of the country and unavailable for comment.


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