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A listing of album reviews relating to Unkle, James Lavelle, and Mo'Wax. For general articles see: Bibliography. For Press Releases, Mailouts and Newsletters see: Mailouts.

Year Month Title Volume Issue / Number Country Description Scan Y/N Transcript Y/N
1993 Nov Melody Maker - - UK DJ Shadow's Influx Review Y N
1994 Jun The Irish Times - - UK Royalties Overdue Y N
1996 Jun Billboard 108 25 US DJ Shadow's Hardcore Y Y
1996 Sep Melody Maker - - UK DJ Shadow's Endtroducing Review N Y
1998 Aug Rolling Stone - 793 US UNKLE's Psyence Fiction N Y
1998 Oct CMJ New Music Monthly - 62 US UNKLE's Psyence Fiction Y N
1999 Feb Wired - - US UNKLE's Psyence Fiction Y Y
2000 Dec CMJ New Music Monthly - 88 US Nigo's Ape Sounds Y N