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DesignerKazuki Kuraishi

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of UNKLE, James Lavelle teamed up with Japanese clothing label A.FOUR LABS for this collaboration which featured UNKLE branding on t-shirts, bomber jacket and a camo hoodie. Also known as A.Four Labs X James Lavelle[1], the collection released in March 2018.[2]

All tags feature the text: "A. Four Labs - Art For Life - James Lavelle and Kazuki Kuraishi present Ar.Mour". All clothing Made in Japan.

The 'Love' tee features the slogan "“When You Talk About Love You Make Me Feel Invisible.” The slogan also featured on an art work from Lavelle's Daydreaming With... exhibition.[3]

In 2021 several items became available again as part of UNKLE's "Arkive Sale", with the Cowboys Or Indian Tee, Jonas Burgert Horse Tee, and Love tee all sold for £35. They featured the description "James Lavelle and Kazuki Kuraishi present Ar.Mour / A.Four 2018 The Road: Part One. Limited edition Capsule Collection- made in Japan...100% Cotton T-Shirt".[4]

The with the Cowboys Or Indian Tee was listed as a collaboration with Nathan Coley,[5] the Jonas Burgert Horse Tee a collaboration with Jonas Burgert,[6] and the Love tee as a collaboration with John Issacs.[7]

Two new variations of the Hoodie were also released in the Arkive Sale, the Blue Ar.Mour MWA (Mo Wax Arts) Travel Hoodie Camo, and Black Ar.Mour Travel Hoody. These were each sold for £100 and a video was created showing the hoodies features.[8] They also featured the following descriptions:

"travel hoody featuring built-in face-mask and sleep-visor. 100% cotton. Very limited edition - Made in Japan...When UNKLE designed and produced these hoodies they had no idea of what was round the corner in 2020/2021, however you may find the built-in face mask a useful feature today. The mask pulls up to cover the nose and mouth. It also comes with a sleep mask that pulls down covering the eyes, perfect for when we can eventually travel again."[9]

In October 2021 some left over stock was made available in UNKLE's Arkhive Sale 3. The T-shirts were sold for £20.


  • Camo Hoodie - Contains sleppeing mask inside[10]
  • Pointman Tee - Black or White - 100% Cotton. Ribbed Crewneck.[11]
  • Love Tee - Black or White - 100% Cotton. Ribbed Crewneck. - Regular fit. A bit boxy. Fits true to size.[12]
  • Cowboys Or Indian Tee - Black or White - 100% Cotton. Ribbed Crewneck.[13]
  • Jonas Burgert Horse Tee - Black or White - 100% Cotton. Ribbed Crewneck.
  • Lightweight Bomber Jacket - Black or Green - Several pockets, Polycotton ribbed cuff and collar, 100% Nylon shell with 100% Polyester lining, Two way zip. - Fits a bit small.[14]
  • Blue Ar.Mour MWA (Mo Wax Arts) Travel Hoodie Camo (2021)
  • Black Ar.Mour Travel Hoody (2021)


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