16 Aug 1997

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Concert by Andrea Parker, Attica Blues, James Lavelle, Peshay, Psychonauts, DJ Shadow
Mwa004 2.gif
LocationJohannistr 11, 50608, Cologne, Germany
VenueAlter Wartersal

Part of a two part event, this concert featured Andrea Parker, Attica Blues, James Lavelle, Peshay, Psychonauts[1], and DJ Shadow as a special guest[2].

This event was held as part of Popkomm.1997, a music industry event which opened on August 15 1997, and an advertisement for the Mo' Wax events was featured in the UK music magazine Music & Media's August 16 1997 issue.[3]

While the original postcard/flyer doesn't list DJ Shadow as appearing at the concert, and instead mentions a 'special guest'[4], he was announced in Music & Media's Popkomm.1997 coverage,[5] and the MWA Catalogue lists DJ Shadow as appearing.[6]


Part 2 of the event was an art exhibition 'A Visual Review of MoWax Recordings 92-97' held at Galerie Schuppenhauer Bismarckstr, 70, 53225, Cologne which opened August 14th, then ran from August 15th until August 17th 1997. Sixty original posters were exhibited on small MDF cubes.[7] The 60 posters were 19.5" x 19.5" and were installed on 12 wooden cubes. They featured elements of promo and commercially released artwork designed by Ben Drury with work from Will and Barney Bankhead, Giovanni Estevez, Futura, and 3D. Two films, 'A Love Supreme' by Thomas Campbell, and Liquid Liquid's 'Cavern' by Oscar Fischinger. The artwork were later released by Mo' Wax Arts (MWA) as postcard sets in CD cases, with four cards to each case[8].

In 2021 James Lavelle revealed an old promotional video for the exhibition which features shots of the show and interviews with James, DJ Shadow, and Futura. You can watch it on YouTube, and read more in the Original Headz Newsletter for October 2021.


Review of DJ sets written for Schweinvogel's web diary.[9] Translated from German.

Eye and Karschtie at PopKomm - Saturday evening ... uh ... hmm ... Sunday morning! Aug 18, 1997

Mo Wax-Night was announced today in the old waiting room. We barely managed to see Peshay's set, which was really fat (drum & bass, sure!). But we missed (as we found out from reliable sources) label boss James Lavelle with unbelievable versions of well-known tracks. Donis's theory (more about him in a moment): they make their own exclusive remixes just for themselves. It's a shame, actually. I

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