Worldwide Bapeheads Show 1998

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Worldwide Bape Heads Show 1998
Location Tokyo, Japan
Venue Akasaka Blitz
Date(s) 12/12/1998

The Worldwide Bapeheads Show was held at Akasaka Blitz on December 12 1998. Tickets went on sale Novemeber 14, and cost 7,000 Japanese Yen each. The show featured Cornelius, Scha Dara Parr, Ben Lee, Money Mark, and Unkle (James Lavelle and The Scratch Perverts).[1]

Unkle performed Last Orgy 3 with Takagi Kan at the request of Nigo.[2]

Similar to the 1997 show, a Bape t-shirt was created for the event.[3]

Photo's from the performance feature in the March 1999 issue of Relax Magazine, and a video recording of the show was later broadcast on TV.[4]


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