War Stories Merchandise

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War Stories Merchandise
2007 Unkle Tee by Surrender.jpg
Year 2007
Type Clothing

The following were made available to purchase on the Unkle War Stories Tour in 2007 and exclusively at the DPMHI store in London, with a limited run of silver posters available in an edition of 100 on the tour too.[1]

In 2008 UNKLE collaborated with James Lavelle's clothing brand Surrender to create the UNKLE x Surrender UK Tour Tee. This limited edition t-shirt was made available on the UK tour starting March 1st 2008 in London. The design was available in both a black and a white edition, with each colour available in only 60 editions each.[2]

2007 Collection

  • UK Tour Tee - Features tour dates on back
  • UK Tour Glitter Tee - created by Hiroshi Fujiwara’s company Fragment in Japan.[3]
  • Two Heads UNKLE War Stories T-Shirt
  • Alice Temple UNKLE War Stories T-Shirt
  • Restless Poster 20”X30”
  • War Stories 11.7x16.5” Poster
  • Surrender All Skull Enamel Button
  • Surrender All Logo Enamel Button
  • War Stories Character Buttons - Enamel buttons featuring individual War Stories characters from the War Stories album cover by 3D of Massive Attack.
  • Window Sticker 7” - "This 7” static electricity sticker easily sticks to your car window and can easily be peeled off too."[4]
  • War Stories Sticker Sheet - "The War Stories Sticker Sheet features 10 UNKLE/Surrender All stickers, originally featured in the sold out Don’t Panic Pack."[5]
  • UNKLE Live Head Enamel Button
  • Sticker Pack - "This limited Surrender pack contains 6 die cut stickers featuring the UNKLE Neon Pointman by Futura 2000, the Surrender All logo, the UNKLE 2007 logo, the Surrender skull by Alan Forbes, and the War Stories characters by 3D of Massive Attack."[6]


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