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'''December 2019'''
* 1/12 - The tracklist from the latest episode of James Lavelle's [[Living In My Headphones]] is now up.
'''November 2019'''
'''November 2019'''

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December 2019

November 2019

  • 30/11 - The two new Psyence Fiction t-shirts mentioned yesterday are now available to buy. They are limited to 50 for each of the two designs. Purchase them at the UNKLE online store here. You can also view them on our Merch page.
  • 29/11 - The UNKLE Instagram has been teasing some new Psyence Fiction t-shirts.
  • 29/11 - James Lavelle has appeared on the podcast Off The Beat & Track, listen here.
  • 26/11 - The next episode of James Lavelle's Living In My Headphones will air this Wednesday on Soho Radio, Wednesday 27th November.
  • 26/11 - Charlie Dark of Mo' Wax's Attica Blues appeared on Australian Radio earlier this week. Listen back here, and after chatting and playing some tunes he discusses Mo' Wax and his group Attica Blues at about one hour in.
  • 20/11 - DJ Shadow appeared on the Podcast 'Distraction Pieces Podcast with Scroobius Pip' and discussed his new album, as well as his work with UNKLE. Listen here.
  • 16/11 - James Lavelle was interviewed on BBC Radio with Skinny Pelembe, listen here.
  • 16/11 - Last week UNKLE released a Radio Edit of their new single CATCH ME WHEN I FALL (FABRIC CLUB MIX), listen here.
  • 16/11 - James Lavelle also took part in a podcast about Fabric recently, listen here as Lavelle plays some songs and discusses when the Fabric club first opened.
  • 7/11 - James Lavelle is also interviewed in a new documentary about Bristol's The Wild Bunch, who later evolved in to Massive Attack. Watch it here.

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