Summersault Tour

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Dates 29/12/1995-7/1/1996
Location(s) Australia

Summersault was a music festival that toured Australia in the summer of 1995/1996. The tour featured international artists such as Beastie Boys, Foo Fighters, Sonic Youth, and Beck, as well as local artists such as Gerling and Jebediah[1]. DJ Shadow and Money Mark were part of the tour which occurred at the same time as an Australian Mo'Wax Tour.

A version of the Dysfunctional Skate Art Exhibition also toured with Summersault after showing in London in 1995.


The five shows on the tour were[2]:

  • 29 December 1995 - Melbourne - Royal Melbourne Showgrounds
  • 31 December 1995 - Sydney - Metro
  • 2 January 1996 - Gold Coast - Douglas Jennings Park
  • 5 January 1996 - Adelaide - Adelaide Entertainment Centre
  • 7 January 1996 - Perth - Fremantle Oval




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