Straight No Chaser

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Straight No Chaser
SNC 15 1992.jpg
#15 Spring 1992
Frequency 1988–1991: quarterly
1992–2007: pentannual
2017–present: annually
Format Magazine
Circulation Volumes 1 & 2: ≈10–20,000
Later volumes: unknown (limited edition)
Publisher Paul Bradshaw
Founder Paul Bradshaw, Neil Spencer, Kathryn Willgress
Year founded June 1988
First issue 1988
Country United Kingdom
Based in London
Language English

Straight No Chaser is a UK magazine focusing on World Jazz, but later including Hip Hop and other related genres. The magazine was founded by Paul Bradshaw and ran from 1988 to 1998 (Volume 1: issue 1 to 46), then from 1998 to 2007 (Volume 2: issue 47 to 92) until a hiatus that year.[1][2] It has since relaunched as a yearly limited edition, beginning with issue 98[3] and in October 2019 have released their 100th issue.[4]

During 1994 the magazine was selling up to 20,000 copies each issue and was described by Paul Bradshaw as "a magazine with no boundaries, and is therefore directly rooted to the scene."[5]

Mo' Wax Column

James Lavelle contributed his Mo' Wax column of reviews from 1991, with the first edition printed in Straight No Chaser #15 in 1992. The name of the column has often been attributed as Mo' Wax Please,[6][7] but was simply Mo' Wax on the actual column (though credited as Mo' Was Please in the magazine's contents page), and was later changed to Mo' News. James Lavelle's columns ran until at least 1996, though possibly longer.

Several other Mo' Wax artists featured in the magazine during its print run, including DJ Krush, DJ shadow, Major Force, and Attica Blues.

Notable Issues

Volume 1: 1988 to 1998

  • #15 - 1992, Spring - Features first Mo' Wax column
  • #23 - 1993, Autumn - Features articles on DJ Krush and Acid Jazz
  • #24 - 1993, Winter - Features articles on Major Force
  • #26 - 1994, Spring/Summer - Features articles on RPM
  • #28 - 1994, Autumn - Features articles on Blackalicious
  • #30 - 1995, Spring - Features renamed Mo' News column
  • #32 - 1995, Summer - Features article on Attica Blues
  • #33 - 1995, Autumn - Features article on Psychonauts
  • #34 - 1995, Winter - Features an article on DJ Krush
  • #35 - 1996, Spring - Features article on Andrea Parker
  • #37 - 1996, Summer - Solesides: California's Hip Hop Underground article featuring DJ Shadow
  • #43 - 1997, Autumn - Features article on Attica Blues

Volume 2: 1998 to 2007

  • #4 - 1999, March - Men From UNKLE article featuring the Scratch Perverts discussing the NME National Tour with UNKLE.


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