Stella Artois After Dark 2004

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Stella Artois After Dark 2004
Dazed June 2004 page 178.jpg
Location UK
Start date May 2004
End date June 2004

The Stella Artois After Dark Tour 2004 was a touring film festival which travelled across the UK. For the event UNKLE (James Lavelle and Rich File as UNKLE Sounds) created a mix called Edit Music For A Film (After Dark Prologue) which was sent out as an invite for the event.[1] This CD was limited to 500 copies,[2] and has since been bootlegged.[3]

While After Dark toured Liverpool, Glasgow, Nottingham and London, it is not known whether UNKLE were at each night. UNKLE were set to appear at the CCA show in Glasgow, Scotland,[4] and it is reported they were at the ICA show where CDs were given out to the crowd.[5]

Dazed & Confused Magazine featured several pages on Stella Artois After Dark 2004 at the back of their June 2004 issue, with full dates and interviews with some of the participants.[6]


  • Liverpool, England at FACT May 27
  • Glasgow, Scotland at CCA June 4
  • Nottingham, England at Broadway June 10
  • London, England at ICA June 16/17


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