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Rah UNKLE Figures
Type Figure
Company Medicom
Country Japan
Availability 2004–2004

The RAH (Real Action Heroes) UNKLE figures were released in 2004 by Mo Wax Arts, and were designed by Ben Drury, Dave Carroll and Neil Holdom, inspired by the work of Futura. The original retail price was ¥14,490.[1]

The figures were available in Grey, Pink, Green and Blue variations, with the Pink reportedly the rarest and highly sort after by fans.[2]

The figure stands 12 inches and comes with a stand and two gun accessories,[3] and was featured on the cover of Lee's Toy Review issue 146 in December 2004.[4][5][6]

Acording to Garden Magazine 2 November 2004, a prototype of the RAH figure was featured in an issue of Lodown Magazine.


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