MoWax Merchandise

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MoWax Merchandise
Designer Swifty
Year 1994
Type T-shirt
Material 100% Cotton
MoWax Merchandise
Designer Will Bankhead and Ben Dury
Year 1996
Type T-shirt

The original Mo' Wax Merchandise range was created and sold by Swifty, and included three t-shirts and a record bag. Also available were Swifty and Straight No Chaser t-shirts. These were all advertised for sale in Straight No Chaser Magazine[1]. The t-shirts sold for 16 pounds, and were available through mail order[2].

In 1996 a new MoWax Merchandise Catalogue was released, featuring four new designs by Will Bankhead and Ben Dury, a new record bag design and a slipmat (not pictured). Each includes a MWM (MoWax Merchandise) catalogue number, eg. MWM001T for the first t-shirt design.[3]


Another design was also available and has the catalogue number of MWMT001[4], this design is undated and features a tag with the following text: "Screen Stars by Fruit of the Loom, Printed in USA."[5]

Two versions of this t-shirt have appeared online with the same designs but slightly different tags. Both tags mention Screen Stars as the creator.[6][7] For clearer versions of the tags as featured on other t-shirts, see Minor Thread on Flickr.[8][9]

Fruit of the Loom was a USA based T-shirt company which operated during the 1980's and 1990's.[10]


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