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A listing of merchandise relating to Unkle, James Lavelle, and Mo'Wax.

Year Title Medium Description Notes Image
1994 MoWax Merchandise Clothing Three MoWax T-shirts, and a record bag featuring designs by Swifty Created and sold by Swifty
1996 MoWax Merchandise Clothing Four T-shirts designed by Will Bankhead and Ben Dury, and a record bag -
1997? Unkle 77 Prototype Toy Unreleased prototype figure. Details here and here
1997 Nigo VS James Figures Toy Released to promote Ape Vs MoWax album.
1997 Ape Vs Mo'Wax Clothing Series of t-shirts designed by Futura for Bape and MoWax Japan
1997 James VS Nigo T-shirt Clothing T-shirt
1998 Money Mark Vinyl Killer Toy Packaged with Money Mark's Maybe I'm Dead promo.
1998 MoneyMark VinylKiller 2.jpg
1998 Money Mark Figure Toy Released April 1998.
1998? Money Mark T-shirt Clothing T-shirt Made to promote Money Mark's Push The Button and Mark On The Mic albums.
1998 Unkle Inflatable Toy Toy Promotional item for Psyence Fiction. Inflates to 4 feet high.
1998 Unkle 77 Toy Pointman figure. Available in Blue or Olive/Green. Highly fragile
1998 Unkle 1998 Tour Merchandise Clothing T-shirt for UNKLE Virgin Instore
1998? Preemptive Strike T-shirt Clothing T-shirt for DJ Shadow's 1998 compilation Preemptive Strike. Exact year unknown. Possibly made sold on tour
Preemptive StrikeTee.jpg
1999 International Goodwill Tour T-shirt Clothing T-shirt for DJ Shadow's 1999 International Goodwill Tour
1999 Unkle 1999 Tour Merchandise Clothing T-shirt for Unkle X Scratch Perverts tour
2000? Bape Unkle Bag Clothing Clear Bag by BAPE with Pointmen artwork Exact year of production unknown, but it features art from the Japanese Psyence Fiction album release, and 1999's Unkle tour t-shirt
2000 Money Mark Figure Toy Released April 2000.
2000 Command Z Toy The figures come in clear containers resembling spray cans. The three figures are called The Pointman, El Nigo and Le James, representing Futura, Nigo and James Lavelle respectively. From an art exhibition held at Nowhere in Tokyo November 2000.
2000 ART OF WAR JL77 JAMES Toy A BATHING APE X Mo Wax X UNKLE X STASH. Limited to 500. Handsprayed by Stash. Released to promote Art of War album.
2000 Ape Sounds Nigo Toy Nigo figure in box with Ape Sounds CD.
2000 BAPE PLAY #1 AGENT NIGO Toy Released in Camo and Ski jacket variations. Released in 2000 according to MoWax 21 book, other sources say 1998.
2000 BAPE PLAY #2 J-EI77 UNKLE Toy James Lavelle figure Released in 2000 according to MoWax 21 book, other sources say 1998.
BapePlayJL 4.png
2000 BAPE PLAY DELUXE TWO-PACK Toy Box with both Bape Play figures included, wearing Bape varsity jackets. Released in 2000 according to MoWax 21 book, other sources say 1998.
BapePlaySet 5.jpg
2000 JL 77 T-shirt Clothing Long Sleeved T-shirt Designed by Futura2000 for BAPE.
2000 Bape Unkle Relax T-shirt Clothing Pointman T-shirt Packaged with December 2000 issue of Relax Magazine
2000? Bape James Lavelle Face T-shirt Clothing Bape T-shirt with James Lavelle's face
2000? Unkle Ring Clothing UNKLE Pointman ring by Crazy Pig Designs
2001 South Merchandise Clothing T-shirts for Mo' Wax band South
2002 Private Press Tour T-shirt Clothing T-shirt for DJ Shadow's 2002 Tour
2002 UNICEF Speak Your Mind Clothing T-shirt Part of a project by UNICEF, MTV Networks Asia, and Levi's to give a voice to children. James Lavelle designed a t-shirt for the campaign with the slogan "Children need smiles not missiles." on it. The t-shirt was relased mid-March 2002, and was a collaboration between Lavelle, his daughter Lila-Blue Lavelle, and Ben Drury.
2003 BAPE × FUTURA Clothing Varsity Jacket Bape collaboration. Some sites list this as an Bape X Unkle collaboation, others as Bape X Futura, and others as Bape X Unkle X Futura.
2003 BAPE Never Never Land T-shirt Clothing T-shirt Bape x UNKLE collaboration. Reportedly made for the launch of UNKLE's Never Never Land album. Contains Pointman logo on front in various colours and "A Bathing Ape Worship" text on back. See: here and here and here and here here


2003 BAPE X UNKLE Bapesta Shoe Each colour limited to 100.
2003Bapesta 1.png
2003 UNKLE Triangle Box Set Toy Triangle box containing stickers, 4 figures in blue, black, pink and purple with accessories and 2 Changeable James Lavelle heads, plus a vinyl record featuring Eye for An Eye (V.I.P. Version).
2003 Unkle - Secret Pattern Be@rbrick Series 6 Toy
2003 Unkle Pointman Kubrick 100% Toy Special white edition of 300 for ICA UNKLE exhibition, London 2003.
2004 RAH UNKLE Toy Also available in pink, green and blue variations.
2004 Nike SB Dunk Hi DUNKLE Shoes Released in September 2004
2004 KUBRICK 1000% UNKLE Toy
2004 KUBRICK 400% UNKLE Toy
2004 UNKLE 25 Piece Kubrick Set Toy Features 25 clear figures in box. Released 20th August 2004.
2005 Surrender X Unkle 77 X Futura Clothing Details here and here
2005 WORLD WIDE TOUR BE@RBRICK UNKLE 100% Toy Similar to 400% size released in 2004.
2005 Unkle Pointman Kubrick 400% Toy Created by Medicom.
2005 Nike SB Dunk Low DUNKLE Shoes Limited to five pairs given to James Lavelle
2005 Unkle 77 - Black Toy VCD available in Black or White. Pre-orders started 2004, didn't ship till 2005.
2005 Unkle 77 3D CUSHION Cushion Plush/cushion figure by Medicom Toy. Available in 60" and 21" sizes.
2005 SURRENDER X MEDICOM BE@RBRICK Toy Comes in TOY - 100% + 400% sizes - Design changes when heat applied Released June 22nd at the Surrender Store.
2006 Surrender x Unkle x Neighborhood Denim Clothing Denim Jeans. Only 100 made. Details here X
2006 Surrender Summer 2006 Clothing T-shirts. Details here X
2006 Surrender x Unkle x Neighborhood Metal Savage Denim Clothing Denim Jeans. Only 40 made. Details here X
2007 Surrender Skull Swarovski Tee Clothing T-shirt covered in Swarovski crystals. Only 5 made. Details here X
2007 Surrender 2007 Fall/Winter Clothing T-shirts, sweatshirt and tote bag Details here X
2007 Surrender 2007 Fall/Winter Denim Collection Clothing Denim Jeans Details here X
2007 War Stories Merchandise Clothing Merchandise for the UNKLE album War Stories Tour t-shirts, stickers, posters and buttons. Includes 2008 t-shirt by UNKLE x Surrender.
2007 Unkle Tee by Surrender.jpg
2007 Surrender x Levi’s Fenom for UNKLE Clothing Jeans by Surrender x Levi’s Fenom Details here X
2008 Surrender 2008 Fall/Winter Clothing T-shirts include collaboration between Surrender Arts and UNKLE Details here X
2008 Surrender for UNKLE Clothing Collaboration between Surrender Arts and UNKLE Details here X
2008 Reigning Champ x Surrender Clothing Collaboration between Surrender Arts and eigning Champ. Designed by Ben Drury Details here. Zip-up hoodie and crewneck. X
2009 Surrender 2009 Spring Clothing Collaboration between Surrender Arts and various artists including Ben Drury Details here. Announced late 2008. Most of these were also sold on UNKLE web stores or tours as well. X
2010 Surrender V Call Of The Wild Clothing T-shirt collaboration between Call Of The Wild, UNKLE, and Surrender. Includes mix CD Details here and here


2010 BE@RBRICK UNKLE Toy Clear colour available in two sizes, 100% and 400%. Camo colour available only in 100%.
2011 UNKLE x Medicom Toy Life Luggage Collection Bags/Luggage A backpack, tote bag, travel pouch, waist bag, pen case, wallet and cushion.
2012 UNKLE Logo Tee Clothing T-shirt Made for sale on
2012 unkle logo black.jpg
2013 BAPE NW20 Clothing Created for Bathing Apes 20th Anniversary
2013 Converse Jack Purcell Mo’Wax Ox Shoes Created for the Mo'Wax Urban Archaeology exhibition. A white version was also produced. Details here and here and here
2014 Build & Destroy Fragrance Fragrance Released in November - Collaboration between James Lavelle and Azzi Glasser.
2014 Nike X Mo’ Wax Build and Destroy Collection Clothing Clothing range featuring a jacket, t-shirt, cap and Blazer Hi shoes Released Nov 26
2014 MO’ WAX X MUSEUM NEU Clothing Clothing range featuring t-shirts, mugs, tote bags and phone cases
2014 MO’ WAX X BAPE 2014 Capsule Collection Clothing Clothing range featuring three T-shirts, a varsity jacket, and a hoodie Created for Bathing Apes 21st Anniversary
2014 MO’ WAX X SUPREME Clothing Limited T-shirt - Only 50 made Available at Saatchi gallery in London.
2015 UNKLE x Bearbrick Toy Available in two sizes, 100% and 400%. Announced in 2014 for preorder, shipped March 10 2015.
2015 MoWax Future Past Clothing U.N.K.L.E. Capsule Collections. Collaboration with Undercove, Neighborhood, The Fourness, and Hysteric Glamour. Vinyl Pack contains a t-shirt, newly-released tracks on vinyl and poster. While other items included t-shirts, shirts, jeans, and a jacket.
2017 MO’ WAX X The Fourness T-shirts Clothing T-shirts compressed in to pill shape
2017 UNKLE ReAction Figure - Boxset Toy Features a 7" single, a camo Pointman figure, and a 45 rpm adapter that also serves as a figure stand, packaged in a life-size molded UNKLE77 head plastic box. Collaboration with Super7 available in 3 colours: Pink, Blue and Green, each limited to 500 made, and each with a different record.
2017 UNKLE ReAction Figure - Pointman (Black) Toy Pointman 3.75" figure with 45rpm adaptor stand Collaboration with Super7 at New York Comic Con 2017
2018 UNKLE ReAction Figure - Pointman Toy Pointman 3.75" figure with 45rpm adaptor stand Collaboration with Super7. Released Jan 10 - each sold seperately - details or buy here
2018 A.FOUR LABS X UNKLE Clothing 25TH Anniversary Capsule T-shirts and a Hoodie
2019 Man From Mo' Wax x 1 of 100 Clothing Limited edition T-shirts T-shirt limited to 100 editions released in March. A second series were released in June.
1of100 Mo Wax Navy Tee Back.jpg
2019 The Road Part II Merchandise Clothing T-shirts, Slipmat, Zine, badge, & stickers Release Date: 17th June 2019. Item Cancelled.
The Road II Black Tee.jpg
2019 The Road Part II Merchandise Clothing T-shirts, badges, & stickers Limited to 50 t-shirt for each of two designs.
2019 invisible back white.jpg