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A listing of mailouts such as press releases, newsletters and promotional booklet/flyers relating to Unkle, James Lavelle, and Mo'Wax.

Year Title Type Description Notes Image
1994 Lost & Found release announcement Letter - Details here X
1994 Forthcoming Shit - Announcing MoWax released for Oct-Dec 1994 Details here X
1996 Berry Meditation Press Release Press Release - Details here X
1996 MoWax Japan Catalogue Catalogue - Details here X
1996 MoWax Merchandise Catalogue 1996 Catalogue - Details here X
1996 MoWax Mailing Letter Letter Sent out to explain Headz 2 delay Details here X
1997 Preemptive Strike Press Release Press Release Written by DJ Shadow to let people know the album is a compilation of old songs Details here X
1997 Mo’Wax Newsletter Newsletter / Booklet Sent out to people who signed up for MoWax mailing list Details here X
1998 Mo’Wax Newsletter Number 2 Autumn ‘98 Newsletter / Poster - Details here X
2000 Art of War Flyer Flyer Sent out by MoWax Japan Details here X
2001 The Art and Design of Ben Dury Postcard Advertising Ben Dury art show and announcing MoWax Internet Radio Details here and here X