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The Headz Tour of 1994 was split in two, the first known as Headz, while the second leg was named Headz The Jam Part II. All together it was an (approximately) nine date tour which took in London, Cardiff, Bristol, Brighton, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, and Dublin[1].

DJ Krush lists the tours on his site as including Germany[2], and the first leg named "Mo'Wax : Groovin' To The Max" but it is possible that was a seperate tour, or are just unknown dates.

The tour featured various Mo' Wax artists including DJ Shadow, DJ Krush, James Lavelle, Simon Richmond (Palmskin Productions), Howie B, Fraser Cooke, DJ A1, Will Bankhead, and on the 10th of November in Leeds the gig featured "Live Grafix" from Swifty.[3]

NME attended dates during the November leg of the tour and wrote about it in their 17 December 1994 issue.


Headz Tour

  • 9 Jul 1994 - England - Birmingham - The Custard Factory
  • 12 Jul 1994 - England - ? - Ormonds Yard
  • 13 Jul 1994 - England - ? - The Underworld

Headz Tour The Jam Part II

  • 3 Nov 1994 - England - London - Gardening Club
  • 7 Nov 1994 - England - Brighton - Zap Club[4]
  • 9 Nov 1994 - England - Manchester - Sankeys Soap
  • 10 Nov 1994 - England - Leeds - Funky Mule, Cockpit
  • 11 Nov 1994 -Scotland - Glasgow - Glasgow School of Art[5]
  • 12 Nov 1994 - Ireland - Dublin - Tivoli Theatre


  • England - Cardiff - The Hippo Club
  • England - Bristol - Blue Mountain

German Tour

On his website DJ Krush lists a 1994 Mo'Wax tour which includes Germany[7], and he also mentions a Mo' Wax tour of Germany occurring during 1994 in a 1995 interview with Muzik Magazine[8], and later mentions a Mo' Wax Germany tour occurring in Autumn 1994 (Autumn would be Sep-Nov in Europe)[9]. It is possible he is referring to the 1993 tour of Germany, or this Headz Tour of 1994, but as no dates for the Headz Germany 1993 tour are known to have featured DJ KRush, and no German dates of the Headz 1994 tour are known, it is impossible to confirm.

Further to this Stash, the graffiti artist who toured with Mo'Wax sometimes, has posted photos on Instagram from a 1994 tour in Germany[10]. To further confuse matters, he has also posted a similar image dated 1995[11].


"I feel very embarrassed listening to the DJ set from back then…Mo’ Wax at that time was a label that tried to break boundaries and convention, creating new ways to build sound and art. The mentality was reflected in my music and I tried to find a new way as well. It was a time when a lot of new, inspiring music was born. Autumn of 1994, I went on the second Mo’ Wax tour and played with DJ Shadow for the first time in Bristol. The venue was packed and it had no ventilation system. The walls and records got wet from the heat of the audience and I couldn’t scratch at all. I thought for a minute that if I scratched while electrocuted, that would become a new move that no one had done before! One thing I want to say from those times: I want to thank Paul Bradshaw, the editor of London’s jazz magazine ‘Straight No Chaser’ for spreading my music in the UK for the first time." - DJ Krush[12]


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