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Dysfunctional 1995.jpg
Venue Blue Note
Date(s) 16 Aug-3 Sep 1995

Mo' Wax Arts presented Dysfunctional, an exhibition of Skateboard Art & Design, featuring work by Terry Richardson, Bjarne Melgaard, Mike Mills, Phil Frost, and Thomas Campbell.

The show also toured Australia, in Melbourne and Sydney for the Summersault Tour in 1996.

There was a booklet printed for the exhibition,[1], and later in 1999 a book based on the exhibition was published by Booth-Clibborn/ Gingkgo Press with work provided by Mo' Wax Arts and Booth-Clibborn Editions.[2]


Off the cuff, by Harriet Quick. The Guardian, Manchester (UK) 16 Aug 1995, page 25

Since the first skateboarding craze of the late seventies, street culture and fashion has had waves of influence on the mainstream. Interest is again at a peak. Dysfunctional, an exhibition of skateboard art and design, opens this week with a display of skateboard art including the deck designs, graphics from advertising and stickers, photography and painting. The artists range from young teenagers to designers who have attracted their own following. Curated by Aaron Rose of the Alleged Gallery in New York, the exhibition is the third in a series held previously in LA and New York, and is being held at the Blue Note, Hoxton Sq, London N1 until September 3. Admission free.


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