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Preemptive Strike

DJ Shadow T-shirts
Preemptive StrikeTee.jpg
Designer Phil Frost
Year 1998?
Type T-shirt
Material 100% Cotton

Featuring artwork by Phil Frost from the Preemptive Strike compilation, this t-shirt was presumably sold on DJ Shadow's tour from this time. Not much else is known though. There are two logos under the Phil Frost logo, one being Mo' Wax. A Jacket was also produced at some point, with a different Phil Frost design on it.[1]

DJ Shadow T-shirts
Year 1999
Type T-shirt

International Goodwill Tour

Starting in August 1999 DJ Shadow took part in his International Goodwill Tour, a world tour which ended in January 2000 with the Brainfreeze Farewell show featuring DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist. For the tour a t-shirt was produced featuring the tour dates on the back, and a tour logo on the front.

DJ Shadow T-shirts
Year 2002
Type T-shirt

Private Press T-shirts

In 2002 DJ Shadow released some t-shirts for his second album, The Private Press and The Private Press Tour. In 2011 he found some old stock and sold it again on his website. There was stock for both men and women's sizing.[2]

DJ T-shirts

DJ Shadow has made various designs available on his website for sale. Designs have featured lego bricks,[3] milk cartons,[4] and various logos.[5]

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