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Year 2013
Type T-Shirt

This design was created for BAPE's 20th Anniversary, with the t-shirt part of a larger collection which featured designs by Nigo, Sk8thing, Stash, Futura, Kanye West and more. The designs were displayed at the Daikanyama T-Site Garden Gallery[1] and then sold online at Zozotown and at BAPE flagship stores worldwide[2].

The full list of designs created[3]:

  1. Shinsuke Takizawa
  2. James Lavelle
  3. Tetsu Nishiyama
  4. Stash
  5. Skatething
  6. Tsuyoshi Noguchi
  7. Masaaki Homma
  8. Masamichi Katayama
  9. Futura
  10. Motofumi Poggy Kogi
  11. Hiroshi Ito
  12. Jun Takahashi
  13. Kanye West
  14. Daisuke Obana
  15. NIGO
  16. Show Ayanocozey
  17. Takashi Kumagai
  18. Verbal
  19. Pharrell Williams
  20. Mankey
  21. NW20 Designs Tee
  22. NW20 Designs Canvas


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