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[[Category:Bapemania Magazine]] [[Category:Nigo]] [[Category:Bape]] [[Category:Takagi Kan]] [[Category:Cornelius]] [[Category:Money Mark]]
[[Category:Bapemania Magazine]] [[Category:Nigo]] [[Category:Bape]] [[Category:Takagi Kan]] [[Category:Cornelius]] [[Category:Scha Dara Parr]] [[Category:Money Mark]]

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Country Japan
Language Japanese

It is unclear whether Bapemania was a magazine produced by Bape or if it was an insert as part of another Magazine, similar to how magazine's such as Relax often had Bape features.

The Tumblr page scanners93 hosts several scans of the magazine, dated 1999, including pages which feature the performers from the Worldwide Bapeheads Show 1998.


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