29 Nov 1995

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Rencontres Trans Musicales Festival
Dates November 29 - December 2 1995

10/12 Rue lean Guy, BP 3829, 35038,

Rennes, France.
Years active 17

"The 1995 Trans Musicales takes place between Wednesday, November 29 and Saturday, December 2. Each day begins at Club Ubu, before moving on to one of the festival’s nine different venues dotted around the centre of Rennes. And then on to another. And another. And so on. The main events happen in either Salle De La Cite or the 6,000-capacity Omnisports and the final night is a huge rave at the city’s airport.

Opening on Wednesday, November 29, the Trans kicks in with a special Mo’ Wax night with DJ Shadow, DJ Krush, Attica Blues, Keyboard Money Mark and, fresh from remixing Lionrock, France’s own La Funk Mob. Plus, of course, James Lavelle, the Mo’ Wax head honcho. The other main attractions of the first day are Loop Guru and Zion Train."[1]

While DJ Krush was listed in the Transmusicales press releases, he was replaced by The Psychonaughts[2]. Likewise, Money Mark does not appear on the Trans Musicales program, and was presumably replaced by Peshay.[3]

A promotional album for the festival was released featuring Money Mark and Attica Blues.[4]

A recording of DJ Shadow's set was reportedly made, though it has not been made available to the wider public.[5]


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